MCB Companies

The Mid-Columbia Ballet (MCB) is made up of three companies: Senior, Intermediate, and Junior Company. Within the Senior Company, there are Appreintice and Trainee dancers. This provides MCB with a pipeline of talented dancers who arrive at the Senior Company level well-trained and knowing what is expected of a performer. A tiered Company structure allows the MCB to provide the best possible dance experience for our audience members.  They see quality in our dance and professionalism in our productions.

The Senior Company receives national recognition as a member of The Ballet Alliance where the MCB has held the ranking of “Honor Company” since 1992. MCB was honored in 1998 by being invited to perform at the International Ballet Competition. Each year MCB performs at The Ballet Alliance Festival. MCB has hosted this event four times, most recently in 2010. This event, which included over 20 dance companies from the western United States, brought approximately 600 dancers, parents, and faculty members to the Tri-Cities for five days of classes, demonstrations and public performances.