MCB Board of Directors

The Mid-Columbia Ballet Board of Directors is comprised of members of the community who have an interest in supporting the art of dance in the Tri-Cities.

Chair Terri Miley
Vice Chair Kim Hattrup
Co-Treasurers Michelle Dearlove & Al Wells
Secretary Mark Triplett
Publicity Chair Signe White
Fundraising Chair Pam Doctor
Membership Chair Victoria Suryan
Members Kristen Billetdeaux, Rick Graff, Jill Lunde, Lillian Greybeck, Joel Rogo
Guild Representatives Kerrilynn Robinson & Carolyn Vining
Artistic Director Debra Rogo
Administrative Assistant Gaye Wutzke
Honorary Board Member Patricia Barker
Members in Memorium Curt Colvin, Patty Taylor, Wally Weimer